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15 oct

OmniLAN Website Rework

You might have already seen it, this website has had its rework. Not only the
website, but also the webshop has updated.
We thought that it was harshly needed to change, not only for fashion, but also
for costumer experience.

Feel free to take a look around the website and let us know what you think.
Your opinion is always appreciated!

If you find any trouble using the website, please let us know.



OmniLAN introduces: EnOcean

With millions of devices installed around the world, EnOcean protocol is a well
tried and approved technology. All our EnOcean products are wireless and battery-less,
and harvest its energy from the environment. Our EnOcean produts are compatible
with all the EnOcean produts registered by the Alliance, whoever is the manufacturer.
Easy installation, efficient energy harvesting from the environment, no batteries and completely wireless and even compatible with the HIQ Home and HIQ Care.

If you want more information about EnOcean, feel free to contact us!


OmniLAN introduces: Antibacterial Switchgear

With the outbreak of the corona virus it has become painfully clear how quickly
viruses and bacteria can spread and what dangers this can entail.

we are therefore also proud to inform you that we can supply switchgear with
proven antibacterial properties with immediate effect. Particularly suitable for
hospitals and healthcare, but also for places where there is an increased risk of
spreading viruses and bacteria. Think, for example, of doctor's practices,
pharmacies, amusement parks and other public spaces.

Click on the image to see the flyer and learn more.
If you have more questions about the antibacterial switchgear, feel free
to call or send us an e-mail.